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Why choose DAPA Training over other programs?
DAPA – Diversity and Personal Activism Training is designed with the learning to be experiential. By this we mean we
have designed the program so upon completion, the participants gain significantly more than “head knowledge” as
education. We believe our program will effect internal change in many of the participants which in turn will have a much
greater impact than a training that is a lecture or an on-line program.
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Why does my company or organization need diversity training?
Companies and organizations seek diversity training for many different reasons but the fact is everyone can benefit from
diversity training. Particularly DAPA Training. The bottom line is that the more someone learns about the richness of
diversity, the better they will relate to everyone they come in contact with, whether that be in the workplace, school
environment or community in general.
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Is the Teen Workshop designed differently than the adult training?
The DAPA Teen workshop was created specifically for a teenage audience. Two separate focus groups of teens were
brought together to help with the development and design of the teen program.

Are there class size limitations?
We believe that to be most effective our class size should be 25 participants. We do offer training for smaller groups and
larger groups (40 maximum) depending on your group situation. If you have a large company or organization, we will
present the program on going to groups of 40 or less until everyone has taken part in the training.  

Do you offer your DAPA Training to larger groups?
DAPA “Training” class size is limited to 40 participant’s maximum, but we will present a 1 hour lecture to any size group at
your company, organization or school. We have speakers in our organization that will present the core message of the
DAPA Training and Workshops.

How long is the training?
We offer three distinct programs that vary in length. The training is presented in 2 hour, half day and full day segments.

What is the cost of the DAPA Training program?
Costs are determined based on the number of participants as well as the length of the program. We will be able to quote
you a price after we obtain this information from you. We are so confident in the effectiveness of our programs that we
proudly offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
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Do you facilitate Off-Site Trainings?
Yes. Many companies, because of size or that are only looking to provide diversity training for a small number of
employees, choose the option of coming to us for our off-site trainings. These are pre-scheduled trainings held currently
in Broward County.
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Do you offer Consulting Services?
Yes. We offer consulting services on an hourly basis as well as on an annual commitment. Our consultants will help you
develop and implement programs that will create a respectful and inclusive work environment and make your company a
better corporate citizen, projecting a positive image to the community.
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Do you offer C.E.U.’s (Continuing Education Units) for participation in DAPA Training?
Not at the current time but we anticipate being able to offer C.E.U.’s in the near future. We are currently applying for

Do you offer “free” trainings or teen workshops?
We have corporations, foundations and individuals that underwrite the cost of our trainings and workshops for qualified
teen groups and non-profit organizations that do not have necessary funds available.
Contact us for more information.

How can I/we partner with One Planet United to help underwrite DAPA trainings and teen workshops?
Many teen groups and non-profit organizations do not have the needed funding to cover programs like DAPA. We
welcome support from corporations, foundations and individuals.
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partner, sponsor and supporter.

How can I get more information?
You can call us directly at 954-340-2115. As well, we will be happy to mail you a package with descriptions and outlines
of the programs that we offer.
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Can I set up a personal meeting with a DAPA consultant to further discuss your programs?
Most definitely! One of our staff members will be happy to talk with you and set up a personal meeting at your
Schedule a meeting for more information.
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